Zhejiang Jietong Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

  Jietong Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of power surge protector series, smart lightning protection system, smart surge protector series, smart lightning protection box series, signal lightning protection series, SPD backup protection switch (SCB) series, etc. All kinds of lightning protection products, professional design and construction of lightning protection projects in various industries.

   The company strictly controls product quality, strives for perfection, has built a solid quality system project, established a sound quality management system and a high-tech technology center. The industry takes the lead in passing the three-system certification ISO9001/IS14001/OHSA18001, the European Community CE certification, and the product has passed the testing and certification of the Beijing Thunder Lightning Protection Facilities Testing Service Center.

The company has SPD laboratory and R&D platform: 8/20μs 150KA compatible 10/350μs 50KA analog lightning laboratory, varistor detector, 1.2/50μs combined wave generator, 1.2/50μs voltage generator, gap, discharge tube detection Tester, remote signal detector, thermal stability test system, lightning online monitoring system, intelligent lightning protection detection system, SPD backup protector power frequency current test, lightning non-trip current test system, etc. These advanced detection equipment ensure the product safe and stable.

Now has a group of high-quality professional designers and a series of advanced production equipment, advanced mold processing, production equipment, advanced stamping production equipment, standardized injection molding machine production workshop, etc., to provide reliable quality assurance for product components; Independently research and develop a set of intelligent assembly line, which integrates automatic stamping, pad printing, laser marking, automatic detection and uploading of data, automatic sealing and packaging and other automatic equipment to ensure the consistency of each product, fully ensuring efficient production and high quality management.

Integrity, brand, management, and innovation have always been the business philosophy that the company abides by. In order to meet the individual needs of customers for products, the company continues to develop new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new products. With superb technology and short-term development cycles, Carefully provide customers with a comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system.

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