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Discussion on common lightning arrester failures and solutions

Time:2020/12/19Author:adminClick: 2856
With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous progress of society, in response to the new problems that have occurred in the operation of metal oxide arresters in recent years, we selected typical cases from the Guangdong power grid to deal with the deterioration of the resistors caused by repeated lightning strikes and surface contamination, and the sealing failure of the porcelain jacket arrester 、Analyze the problems of unreliable sealing of composite jacket lightning arrester, degradation of composite jacket material performance, and loss of ground operation of line lightning arrester, and propose solutions and requirements in the stage of selection, operation and maintenance, such as: adding multiple lightning strikes in strong mine areas Check the energy absorption of the resistance chip under the conditions. In special corrosive environments, aluminum and other materials are used to seal and seal the composite jacket arrester. The main component and performance test of the silicone rubber material are added to avoid the line arrester from losing ground. And implement the operation and maintenance test work, and so on. This provides guidance for the operation and maintenance of metal oxide arresters.