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What exactly is a surge protector and can it really protect against lightning strikes?

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Essentially, a surge is an instantaneous overvoltage exceeding the normal operating voltage that occurs in just one millionth of a second. In addition to lightning, short circuits in heavy equipment, power switching, and large engines may all be caused. The power lightning protector with surge blocking device can effectively absorb sudden huge energy to prevent equipment damage.

The most primitive power lightning protector equipment appeared in the late 19th century, but at that time it was used for overhead transmission lines to prevent lightning strikes from damaging the equipment and causing line insulation and power outages. Then in the 1920s, aluminum power supply lightning protectors, oxide film power lightning protectors, and pill-type power lightning protectors appeared. Tube-type power supply lightning protection devices appeared in the 1930s, silicon carbide lightning protection devices appeared in the 1950s, and metal oxide power supply lightning protection devices appeared in the 1970s.

The power supply lightning protector originally originated from abroad. Until 1992, the industrial control standard 35mm rail snap-on pluggable SPD lightning protection module represented by Germany and France began to be introduced to China on a large scale, and then the integrated box type represented by the United Kingdom and the United States Power lightning protection devices have also begun to be used.

General power lightning protectors use arc extinguishing technology, that is, in electrical appliances with contacts, the process of contact making and breaking current is often accompanied by the generation and extinguishment of arcs, so it is necessary to analyze the causes of electric sparks and solve them. . In addition, a thermal protection device is built into the power supply lightning protector, which works with arc extinguishing technology to protect the circuit and completely avoid fire.

Nowadays, with the improvement of technological level, more and more electronic devices are being developed and applied. Therefore, the country has formulated the corresponding "Measures for the Inspection and Management of Lightning Protection Facilities", which stipulates the application specifications and requirements for power supply lightning protection devices in various scenarios, and comprehensive inspections of lightning protection facilities and equipment in various regions during the thunderstorm season And testing, and record and report in time.

However, the more advanced the electronic equipment, the more likely it is to be damaged by lightning, which also puts forward higher requirements on the lightning protection device. In order to meet the tolerance requirements of information system equipment, the installation of power supply lightning protectors can be multi-level coordination, but when multi-level coordination should take into account the energy overlap between each protector, it is better to use the same if conditions permit. The same type of product from the manufacturer.